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A Web Page for TheBookVlogger

        Hello Bookworms! This site was specifically designed to help keep my youtube subscribers up-to-date on the creation of my book review channel. The video below will tell you a little bit more about the uses of this site. In case you're all wondering, I'm working on getting a date set for the launch of my channel. As soon as I make the date firm, I'll post it here. Happy Reading!

Fear The Reaper Giveaway

Awesome cover, I know!
           Ok, I'm going to keep this one short because I don't want to clog up my blog talking about giveaways. You all know how they work, so what do I really need to say? In this giveaway you can get NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer, a signed finished copy. You all know that I don't generally win these things, but I've tried getting a signed copy of this book and have thus far failed. So here's hoping! If you would like to take a chance at winning as well just click here. Good luck!

A Rise in Commercials for Books

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Blue TV of Awesomeness
     Over the last year I have noticed, not only an increase in book readers, but an increase in advertisements for books. My first "wow" moment came around 11pm just as I pulled into my driveway after work. Over the radio came an intense commercial for a James Patterson's book (I Alex Cross, I think it was). I thought, "Wow, a radio commercial for a book! So cool and he is so lucky." I told my bookworm cousin about it and she told me about seeing a commercial for the same book on TV. Again, I was wowed. 
            Back then I thought that the commercials were only a result of James Patterson's star power, but as of late I've notice a rise in the number of book trailers being launched on youtube and the quality is at times cinema worthy. Now today I saw two, count em TWO, commercials advertising books. Yes, one was for Mr. Patterson's YA Book and the commercial is pretty amazing, but the other was for three relatively new authors. 

Epic Contest of Epic

        First I was so impressed by this book's trailer, that I posted it on Twitter. Now the author has created the The Epic Contest of Epic-- How cool is she!? I don't normally enter contests, because well, I don't win. But this is just irresistible. I'm already intrigued by the book and those ARCs are just calling my name. Lindsay! Lindsay! You know you want to win us-- you want to read us... For some reason they sound like Gollum lol. The most alluring part of this contest is of course the prizes, as there are one hundred of them. That's right, I said one hundred: 1-0-0 prizes! Now, I am not going to tell you to go enter the contest, because if you do, than I might not win. Just know that there is an Epic contest out there that you cannot enter ;) Your consolation prize for losing to me in this contest, is that you get to watch the awesome trailer.

         You can enter the contest here, but seriously.....don't. I will come after you. Haha, just kidding-- no, I'm not ;) 

Blog and Channel Makeover

Blog Snapshot
            Hey bookworms! If you're reading this, then you've probably noticed the new layout. No? Well, go ahead take a look around. Done? Good. Sooo....what do you think? 
            Let me tell you, it was not a decision easily made. First I removed the old template to test out a new one and like a cocky fool, I didn't save my old template. Suddenly my blog was thrust into limbo and for two days it had a new image every few hours. None of them were right. They were the wrong theme or there was something wrong with the codes. It was starting to look like I wasn't going to find a good template. 
             I think the worst part is that this template was one of the first layouts that I tried. It was insecurity that got the best of me and why I stayed in limbo for so long. Just when I was about to give up, I threw this one up as a spot holder and realized that it was exactly what I had been looking for. Ugh. It was a weird moment; I was relieved to have found my template and yet kicking myself for not seeing it sooner.
             Now onto some of the new elements of this blog. Most exciting for me is the tabs at the top. They all work (Yay!), which is the main flaw that most templates had. However, not all of the pages are finished. They will be, when the time is right.
              The next new element is my new button. It was specially chosen by two of my favorite bloggers; Cariblogs and Mrs. Woffy's Place. I would be honored by anyone who chooses to support my endeavors by displaying it on their own blogs.
               And before I go, I will mention the changes made to TheBookVlogger Channel. It has a new template and more of a finished look then before. Is it great? Nah, but it's much harder to find layouts for youtube then it is for blogger. It works for now. 
                So I hope everyone enjoys the new look. Happy Reading.