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Zombies, Skin Diving, & Cute Baby Footage + A Book Trailer!

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My niece, Claire
   I got some signed books in the mail. Also my sister dropped by for an unexpected visit. So, I made sure to get some baby footage for you guys. I know how YouTubers just love cute babies!

Book Trailer Below!

Just Saw The Harry Potter Finale!

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two. So sad it's over, but what a great ending to an epic journey. Couldn't be happier with it. So this is a video where I talk about what happened in the film, but mostly I'm gushing lol. Enjoy!

Divergent Book Review & Discussion

Sorry about such a late post this week guys. I'm working really hard to get back on track and to make sure that next week's review (Cleopatra's Moon) is posted on time. I really hope you guys like this review. It took me forever to edit it because I had to cut out so much. There was just too much that I wanted to say!

True Blood S4 Episode 5 Review and Discussion

     Quick update here. I decided to upload my True Blood review before my book review this week, because my TB review was considerably shorter and I knew it could be finished faster. Watch for my Divergent review in the next few days and, until then, enjoy my review of episode 5. It's a shorty!

YouTube Update- This week's review and True Blood

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       Hey my lil bookworms! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. My review this week is going to be late, unfortunately. This is due to a few things. 1.) The internet being down really threw off my schedule. I went from being ahead of the game to falling behind. 2.) After reading the disappointment that was last week's book, I was determined to enjoy

Books & Giveaways & Whatever

Another casual vlog for you guys. Here I talk about the internet, a coming 100 subscriber giveaway, and books, of course. If you want to know when the contest will be, just look at the countdown bar in the side panel. The giveaway will happen as soon as I hit 100 subscribers on TheBookVlogger. So make sure you're subbed and get your friends in on it too!

True Blood S4 Episode 4 Review and Discussion

Good News! The internet is back up! And so is my True Blood review. Hope you all enjoy :D

AT&T Blows Vloggity

     So, yeah, I'm sure you've heard about the internet situation going on at my place. Here I talk more about it, express my feelings, and introduce you to Suzie-- in case you haven't already met her.

The Clone Codes Book Review & Discussion

Good news! I managed to get this week's review up while visiting a local cafe. I am currently downloading last Sunday's True Blood, so with any luck I might get to review that this week as well. Here's hoping!

I want to take a quick moment to thank you all for being so supportive. I realize that this is a really crappy time for me to lose internet, but many of you have assured me that you aren't going any where. Thanks :-)

Paperback: The Clone Codes
Hardcover: The Clone Codes

True Blood S4 Episode 3 Review and Discussion

I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I did the first two, so this video is shorter than the others. I still have high hopes for whats to come.

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Vampires, Cyborgs, Clones, Thieves, Egyptians, and Stalkers

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    Just a casual vlog about a book filled package sent to me from Scholastics. You get to listen to me blather and you get a glimpse of what's to come, what more could you ask for? :P
     Don't miss this week's review of SHADOWCRY by Jenna Burtenshaw: Click Here!

Here are the books mentioned in my video:

Shadowcry by Book Review & Discussion

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Hardcover: Shadowcry (The Secrets of Wintercraft)
Kindle Edition:Shadowcry (The Secrets of Wintercraft)

Why you should be subscribed to TheBookVlogger & Phallic Subliminal Messaging

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Close up of phallic symbol

         Are you subscribed to TheBookVlogger? In this video I show you what you've been missing by not being subscribed to me. I also discuss subliminal messaging involving phallic images. lol Seriously.
          This video is posted on my personal channel (LindsayLou04), where I don't post as much but I'm a little more relaxed and silly.
       Ok, so there seems to be some trouble with people seeing the phallic shape in the armor, which probably just means I have a far more dirty

Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw Book Trailer

You can buy the book here: Hardcover, Kindle Edition. And then you can watch the entire video review on Monday. Trust me, good things happen in the Spoiler Room :) If you do read the book this weekend, you can friend me on Goodreads and follow along with my updates. I really look forward to reviewing this book. I hope you guys enjoy the trailer.

True Blood S4 Episode 2 Review and Discussion

 Out with the old and in with the new....Intro. You like?
 What? You didn't see my review for episode 1?
You'd better watch then: Episode 1

Get notified when it's available: The Complete Season 4

Shadowcry Unboxing

 The trailer will premiere on my channel this Saturday (7/9/11) and my review will be next Monday (7/11/11). Hope to see you all there :)

Ashes, Ashes Review & Discussion

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Oh man, getting this video up was a hassle! I was up until 3am editing it, just so I could have it up in time for you guys. Unfortunately, the next morning I couldn't get it uploaded. I had 9 failed attempts at uploading before finally got it posted. Still that didn't give me any time to put in annotations, so I had to wait until after work to finish it. I've been having trouble uploading videos for a few months now (although, the most failed uploads I'd had before this was 4), so if I post a video late again you can bet that's probably why. I often talk about the status of my uploads on Twitter. So