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Dying For Daylight Charlaine Harris Game Review

Driving Vlog- Bookmarks, T-shirts, giveaway update, and Halloween!

     I think that I'm going to do some more driving vlogs in the future. I really enjoyed making this one. If you guys don't like it, make sure you let me know! In this video, I talk about all of the little things that have been going on. The vibrating starts off loud in the beginning, but once I leave my driveway it seems to really quiet down.
      Also, I've started a poll that you will see in the top right of this blog. I'm shifting the focus on some of my sites to reflect more "me, the author"-- as appose to just "me, the youtuber". Unfortunately, when I went to change my Twitter from 'TheBookVlogger' to 'LindsayMead', which is the name I want, it said that someone's already taken it. Boo. So, I've come up with some variations that haven't been taken. I just don't know which one is best. So tell me, which one do you think would be best?

September Random Hop: Disney Princess Syndrome

     Oh, what a terrible blogger I have been. I know. I'm neglecting you. If you've been wondering where my videos are, well then you should be subscribed to my YouTube channel because they always get there first. :-) 
      I've been getting a lot of views and positive reactions on my Hop videos, so I think that tells me that you guys are liking them. I have a lot of filming and posting to do in the next few day and that includes the announcing of the giveaway winners. I can't say exactly what day that will go up, but hopefully soon. Till then, enjoy my latest hop! 

TheBookVlogger Revamped!!

     It's time for a change! Watch this video to find out what's going and what's new to TheBookVlogger. 

True Blood S4 Episode 10 Review + PROMO!

    We're getting really close to the ending here guys and I'm pretty excited! Make sure you stay tuned to the end of this review to see the promo for the season finale.