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Best Cover Reaction Ever!

Every now and again I swing over to goodreads and check on my book. After that major glitch where the star rating only reflected one bad review, I feel the need to keep a bit of an eye on it.

I checked last night and found a wonderful cover reaction (shown below) that had me rolling. The first sentence made me feel a bit like a celebrity. She knows who I am, probably watches my videos, and is excited about something I'm doing! Woohoo! The middle section made me smile. She loves my cover!!! Woohoo again!

Then I read the final sentence and nearly died. I felt like it was a threat lol. Like she was standing before me, bubbly and gushing over my cover, then suddenly she whips out a knife and issues that simple warning.

Do not worry, Geisha Cielos (loquaciousreaders), I have zero intention of ever changing that cover. I love it too :)

If you guys are as excited as Geisha and I are about this book, you should consider checking out the book's publication campaign-- Only 17 days left! Read the first two chapters OR pre-order yourself a copy!