Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rainy dayz

     It's a rainy day here in Michigan. Just the way I like it. Nothing like rain to wash away the sorrows of yesterday and breathe life into the creativity of today. 
     I wrote six pages last night in The Vengeance of Verona, which is looking like it's going to be a Novelette. It's coming along nicely now and I'm really thrilled with the piece. The great thing with writing short stories about a side character, is that it really helps you to connect to that character. I really feel like I know Verona and that's only going to help strengthen her part in my current novel.
     With the rain coming down today, I think I'm going to work on VOV again this evening. For some reason, rain just works for me. I write better; the words just flow from my fingers. I might even get the first draft finished, if I don't get distracted-- I have disc 2 of Glee calling my name ;)
     If anyone reading this wants to comment, tell me about the things that rev up your creativity and the things that always seem to distract you. Happy reading!
Thank you:


  1. Rain is the best! You can just hold up inside and enjoy the gray, and not feel obligation to be runny around outside in the sunlight. I feel like I work best when I am anxious or feeling antsy. I have to have the creative mojo going on or I can't draw a thing or come up with a single witty comment. :)

  2. I've also recently figured out that movie soundtracks inspire me. My favorite to listen to is the soundtrack for the movie, Amazing Grace (totally recommend that movie!). It's a very epic soundtrack with lots of ups and downs. If not for that, then I put in my "sounds of a storm" CD. Such a great CD that I sometimes think it really is raining outside. Thanks for reading, rating, and commenting!!!


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