Grave Things Series

Viola Danvers is the foul-mouthed exorcist you never hope to meet, because if she’s around—you’ve got problems. Hellish problems. Covered in protective tattoos and with a priest for a stepbrother, she travels the world taking on whatever nasty thing that just crawled out of Hell.

Most of Viola’s customers tend to be financially stunted—leave it to demons to prey on the poor—but when a wealthy Scotsman asks for her help, suddenly it’s more than restless souls sweeping Vi off her feet. As the new client tries to break down her walls, demons smell sin in the water… and it’s his soul they’re circling. Can Viola save the Scotsman without losing her heart in the process?

GRAVE THINGS is book one in a series about fighting demons, finding love, and trying to stay off the Devil’s preferred guest list.

Adult - Urban Fantasy - Romance

#1 Grave Things
#2 Grave Desires (Coming Oct 2018)

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