A Change of Names

       Some of you may have noticed a change on my twitter and blogspot. That's right I've had a name change :) After some discussion, it was decided that the channel title, TheBestLibraryEver, wasn't going to work. As you can see, we went with TheBookVlogger.

       Why this title? Well it was actually inspired by some of the awesome book bloggers here on blogspot. When I saw that someone had referenced themselves as a book blogger, I thought "Well, I'm not really a book blogger because I review books in video format. More like a book vlogger" That's when I heard the *DING* and that light bulb over my head clicked on. 
       So the channel has been created and you can find it here: *clicky clicky* As you can see the channel currently only has the barest of work done on it. The plan is to have the channel up and running officially by the release of Blackveil by Kristen Britain in February. Keep your fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly. 
        You're welcome to subscribe to the channel early, if you wish. I've decided to keep TheBestLibraryEver up until TheBookVlogger is ready. Of course, when that time comes I will notify all of my channels and websites. If anything else comes along, I will certainly keep this site up-to-date. Thanks for sticking with me Bookworms. Happy Reading.

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