Saturday, December 11, 2010

Epic Contest of Epic

        First I was so impressed by this book's trailer, that I posted it on Twitter. Now the author has created the The Epic Contest of Epic-- How cool is she!? I don't normally enter contests, because well, I don't win. But this is just irresistible. I'm already intrigued by the book and those ARCs are just calling my name. Lindsay! Lindsay! You know you want to win us-- you want to read us... For some reason they sound like Gollum lol. The most alluring part of this contest is of course the prizes, as there are one hundred of them. That's right, I said one hundred: 1-0-0 prizes! Now, I am not going to tell you to go enter the contest, because if you do, than I might not win. Just know that there is an Epic contest out there that you cannot enter ;) Your consolation prize for losing to me in this contest, is that you get to watch the awesome trailer.

         You can enter the contest here, but seriously.....don't. I will come after you. Haha, just kidding-- no, I'm not ;) 
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