Support the Authors, Don't Be a Book Pirate!

Anti Book Piracy Button

        Book Piracy is becoming a major problem. People illegally download books for their own convenience and it's starting to hurt the authors. You may think that you're fighting the big mean publishing companies, but you're only hurting the authors. They're the ones suffering; they're the ones not getting credit for their hard work. Think I'm exaggerating? Tell that to Saundra Mitchell, whose book, SHADOW SUMMER, is going out of print in hardcover because, rather then buying it, 800 people are illegally downloading it each week! EACH WEEK! That means the author gets NOTHING. For a frank, personal account on the effects of pirating on an author's career click here
         This is something that needs to stop before our authors stop writing. "Book piracy on the internet will ultimately drive authors to stop writing unless radical methods are devised to compensate them for lost sales," says Arts Reporter, Ben Hoyle in his The Times & The Sunday Times article 

        The best way to stop the Book Pirates is, of course, not to become one yourself. I know that sometimes it's hard. Sometimes you're just dying to get that book right now! But before you do something illegal, think about the author. You want a sequel, right? Then give the author a reason to write it.
        The next best thing is to tell people that you're against it and that it's wrong. One way to help you do that is to put the Anti Book Piracy Button on your blog or website. All you have to do is copy and paste this HTML code:


         That will put the featured image on your blog and when a viewer clicks it, they will be sent to Saundra Mitchell's blog on what Book Piracy did to her. Thanks so much for reading my blog and I hope you will help spread the word.

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