Meet Courtney Moulton

          Courtney Allison Moulton is a YA author who's book, ANGELFIRE, is debuting this Tuesday. Her launch party is the following Saturday and I, along with a small troupe of friends and family, intend to go. We will be adorned with our brand new Angelfire buttons and have discussed whether we have enough artistic talent to paint wings on our cheeks-- Something tells me we don't. 
           Over the last few months, after first seeing an interview where Courtney wields two demon fighting swords, I have gotten to know Courtney a bit through the various social networking sites. This will be the first book signing that I have ever been able to attend and it couldn't be for a cooler person. Courtney is a fellow Michigander, My Little Pony fan, equestrian competitor, mythology enthusiast, and possibly a goofball. I can relate to everything there, except the goofball part-- although, my sister would disagree with that ;)
             Anyway I wanted to give you all a chance to learn about the awesome person Moulton is. Hopefully, you'll like her so much that you'll rush out and buy her book when it releases on the 15th. Congratulations, Courtney, on the release and I look forward to officially meeting you at the party. Happy Reading everyone!

The video that first got me interested in Angelfire

I think this video might possibly certify her as a goofball :)

Learn more about Courtney and Angelfire
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