True Blood Season 4: First 3 Minutes! (Now 6 minutes!)

       The first 3 minutes, now 6 minutes, of the first episode of True Blood season 4 released today, or leaked. It's hard to say. Sources imply that it was released, but the quality of the video is so subpar it's difficult to believe that it could be anything other than leaked footage. I've streamed the video from a few different sites and the quality is the same. If you manage to find a better version, let me know and I'll switch them out. 
        Edit: *HBO just uploaded the first six minutes of the first episode and the quality is ten times better. That is the video that I have embedded below.*
         That being said, I didn't find the first 3 minutes to be anything other than a little lame. I tell you what, you watch the video now and I'll
wait for you to come back. Just click play on the video below. Go on, and then skip to the paragraph that follows.
         Ok, now that you've seen the video too, come on, it's cheesy right? Fairy Godmothers? Light fruit? A big ball of lameness. Let me just say, I have fairies in my books, but they are nowhere near as lame as these. Not only are they made up of cliches, but they're bad little fairies too. Not good-bad like Eric or Damon Salvatore (give me a moment while I wipe the drool off my keyboard), but just naughty. I mean, giving your people fruit that basically imprisons them (cliche much?) is just a rotten thing to do and I think less of them now.
        So despite how awful the first three minutes were, I'm still looking forward to the rest of the show. This season is going to be great and I think we're all hoping for a little more Eric time. Yum. 
        Edit: *Having just watched the 3 minutes that follow the first three, I am much happier. I still maintain much of what I said before-- Having a fairy godmother is still pretty lame. However, my view of the fairies has improved slightly. At least they addressed the imprisonment issue straight away. I was afraid that was something that the writers were going to draw out. I also liked that some of the fairies were ugly. I mean, they didn't look like fairies. I kinda wonder if they were meant to be trolls or something. My point is that it was unexpected and unique. Good. I think what really changed my mind was Sookie lighting up that woman's ass and sending her into a tree. You go Sookie! I never would have thought Sookie had it in her and I'm so glad she did.*
        The first episode of True Blood season 4 airs on June 26 at 9pm on HBO. Also watch for my review of the episode in the week to follow. If you need to catch up on season three or still haven't seen it, you can purchase it by clicking this: True Blood: The Complete Third Season, and that releases on May 31. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!

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