Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale Book Review & Discussion

       Hey Bookworms! It's time for my second video book review to be posted. Technically I made this before my Enclave review, so you will notice some changes. Some are subtle, so maybe you wont :)
      I woke up this morning to this tweet from Ramona Wray, the author of Hex, "Linds!!! I just saw the video review on amazon :D It's *so* amazing! Thank you!" From this I learned a few things. One: don't upload your reviews to Amazon the night before you post them on YouTube, they post faster then you think. Two: Ramona actually sought it out, watched it, and loved it! Ok, there is a chance that

she just happened to be looking at her reviews and saw mine, but I prefer the first scenario. And three: You now know that I post my reviews on Amazon. If you ever see one on there, I would love you forever if you hit the "yes- I found this review helpful" button. That way my review will shuffle to the top of the pile and more people will see it. I also link to my reviews in the review section of GoodReads. You can't post videos there :( so I have to link.
     Ok, that's enough chatting. Lets get on with the review & discussion! Oh and you can buy the book here:
Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale by Ramona Wray

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