Ashes, Ashes Review & Discussion

Oh man, getting this video up was a hassle! I was up until 3am editing it, just so I could have it up in time for you guys. Unfortunately, the next morning I couldn't get it uploaded. I had 9 failed attempts at uploading before finally got it posted. Still that didn't give me any time to put in annotations, so I had to wait until after work to finish it. I've been having trouble uploading videos for a few months now (although, the most failed uploads I'd had before this was 4), so if I post a video late again you can bet that's probably why. I often talk about the status of my uploads on Twitter. So
follow me there and you'll know what's going on: @TheBookVlogger

Hardcover: Ashes, Ashes 
eBook: Ashes, Ashes 

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