Thursday, July 21, 2011


  1. I liked this episode, mucho grande!
    I agreed pretty much with 100% of what you said.
    and yes ...
    I would LOVEEEEEEE to see MOREEEEEE Alcide!!! MEOWWW!!! lol!!!!
    Im bored with Jessica and Hoyt too. But Jessica and Jason? I don't know. That Jason storyline is crazy. He does need to have the baby with Skanktal, errr Crystal. He needs that part of the books to stay. I'll be sad if he doesn't get a baby and I wanna see that bitch get whats coming to her. I love sweet puppy dog Eric and knowing how mean and nasty he CAN be just makes it all the better. I know Im getting ahead in "books" but I am dying to know who gets cast as the weretiger, because in the books... well... Im getting ahead of myself. LOL

  2. Bunny Cates: Weretiger? Really? What's next, a Werechiuaua? Come on! I guess in an interview one of the writers or producers said that they do intend to have a Jason/Hoyt/Jessica triangle. I realize that that may not be in the books, but I'm still looking forward to it. I'm sure that Crystal will have a baby and get what's coming to her. They aren't just going to drop that part of the story all together. I'm loving Eric right now too. He's so fascinating. He comes off so vulnerable and yet at times very dangerous. I'm excited about the episode airing tonight and I'll hopefully be able to get the review up asap.


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