Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 Subscriber Giveaway!!!

    Hey Bookworms! The time has come! We have reached, and passed, the 100 mark. So lets celebrate with a giveaway, shall we? In this giveaway there are EIGHT Prize Packs total. That's right, eight. Six of the Prize Packs contain multiple books each, and two contain movies based on young adult novels and gift cards to Barnes and Noble. How awesome is that!? While the movies are brand new, the books range from new to used. So make sure you watch the Prize Pack videos to find out what's in each pack. Happy Reading and Good luck! Love you guys!
*All persons entering the contest must be subscribers of TheBookVlogger
*You may enter as many times as you wish.
*I must be able to track each entry to prove of its existence.
*Any entries that cannot be tracked will be thrown out and another winner will be drawn.
*All entries must be mentioned in the comments of the original video. Sharing the video without adding it to the comments, does not count as an entry.
*Only comments on the original giveaway video will count. Comments on any prize pack video or blog post will not be entered.
*The contests ends in one month, 9/10/11
*You may choose to enter to win as many Prize Packs as you wish.
*You will receive the same number of entries per Prize Pack.
*Winners may only win one Prize Pack.
*If I am unable to contact the winner one week after the announcement video, a new winner will be chosen.
*Winners are chosen by

Thanks everyone for watching, subscribing, commenting, and giving me a thumbs up. It truly means a lot to me. Good Luck!

Thank you:


  1. Great video! I watch all of your videos, I love your True Blood ones especially, and I've been a little "I don't want to comment because I was super rude to you the first time I did," but you've done well!

    I hope you can come by my Facebook page and share :), I've just got over the 1,000 "like" hump so I'm sure you'll get some guys from there! :D

  2. Joseph Eastwood- What? No! Don't be afraid to comment. That was a hundred years ago, I've long since forgotten :) I'm so glad to hear that you've been watching my videos and that you've been enjoying them too! I love discussing the show, so feel free to chime in whenever. Congrats on the 1,000 mark! Wow! I hope to get there on my YouTube channel not too far from now X-)


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