Good News & Not So Good News

     I guess we should start with the not so good news. I'm behind on my book review. It should have been posted yesterday, but I had to work so I didn't get a chance to do that. The book is read, the review is written, but I have to film it. The major reason I am behind is because my critique partner and I kicked butt on my book revisions this week, and admittedly I got tunnel vision lol. If I hadn't had to work yesterday, I likely would have gotten the video posted late last night. As it was, I planned on doing some filming this
morning. Unfortunately, (and here's the not so good news) I've awoke to construction. The construction is only temporary, but it is in my studio. Even now, as I type this, the pounding is vibrating through my walls. So, how can I film my book review or even my update video? Not a huge deal. I'll certainly have things posted by Monday or Tuesday-- if not Sunday night. 
    Now for the good news. I have the last episode of True Blood on my computer as we speak! As you know my access to the show has been stalled, but I managed to find a link to the forums of that site and I can now get to that show again. I haven't decided fully if I am going to review this episode. I clearly don't have time to do a full review before the next episode airs. Plus, there is the construction to consider. If the construction ends soon or if I can throw together a mini review from my room, I might get that posted for you tomorrow.
     So that basically is the update that I wanted to give you guys. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Before I get to work, I want to say quickly that my heart goes out to the east coasters. Specifically Jen on Long Island, you're in my prayers. Whether your sitting in the sunshine or huddled behind boarded windows, as always, Happy Reading. 

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