Sunday, September 25, 2011

Driving Vlog- Bookmarks, T-shirts, giveaway update, and Halloween!

     I think that I'm going to do some more driving vlogs in the future. I really enjoyed making this one. If you guys don't like it, make sure you let me know! In this video, I talk about all of the little things that have been going on. The vibrating starts off loud in the beginning, but once I leave my driveway it seems to really quiet down.
      Also, I've started a poll that you will see in the top right of this blog. I'm shifting the focus on some of my sites to reflect more "me, the author"-- as appose to just "me, the youtuber". Unfortunately, when I went to change my Twitter from 'TheBookVlogger' to 'LindsayMead', which is the name I want, it said that someone's already taken it. Boo. So, I've come up with some variations that haven't been taken. I just don't know which one is best. So tell me, which one do you think would be best?

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