Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TheBookVlogger Revamped!!

     It's time for a change! Watch this video to find out what's going and what's new to TheBookVlogger. 
Thank you:


  1. I think these changes are awesome! The only thing is that, generally, a hop is something that is hosted by one person, and then others join in--much like a meme. Take for instance the Follow Friday blog hop, or various Giveaway Hops that go on around the blogosphere. Follor friday is hosted by Parajunkee, and any blogger that want so participate can make their own Follow Friday post and join in.

  2. Ashley- I'm so glad that you like the changes. People are more than welcome to make their own Hops along with mine, but that really goes for any video that I make. It only adds to the fun. I was thinking yesterday that if enough people start making Hop videos to coincide with mine, than maybe each week I can include a playlist of everyone's video.


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