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October Random Hop- Halloween Stuffs! And why I don't like to be scared.

It's our Random Hop for October and this just might be the last one that I do. So watch it while you can :) In this video I talk about all of the movies and shows that I love to watch around Halloween. I also explain why I hate to be scared and therefore avoid YA Horror Novels.

Book Talk Vlog

Despite being on YouTube since 2007, I'm still trying to figure out what it is that I want to do in my videos. I don't think Hop Videos were really working out for me and in this video I muse on what I might do next. Please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments. Advice or feedback is always helpful.

Book Haul - Switched, A Million Suns, Shatter Me, Survivors, Triangles, I'm Not Her, Wildwood

I finally get to do a book haul! BookTubers do these all of the time and I rarely get to, but now I finally have enough books to do it. Some really good ones too!

Giveaway Winners Announced!

     It's here! The time has come! While you all have waited so patiently, I know that you're dying to find out just who won a prize pack. Watch this video to find out if it was you and also for bloopers and a secret video. Lots of awesomeness today :D

Giveaway Behind The Scenes!

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     So the winners video for my 100 Subscriber Giveaway has been posted and is now up for all to see. Before I filmed that however, I did a vlog about all that was going on behind the scenes. I split that into two parts.

     Part one is very short (less than 3 min)

October Cover Hop *Halloween Edition*

Cutie dressed as Minnie
     It's October! Woohoo! That means cool weather, multicolored leafs, .... and... and.... well.... Halloween! What else is there really? So, in honor of this great holiday all of my Hop videos this month will be Halloween themed. Starting with this week's Cover Hop. I warn you, some of these covers are too scare for viewing at night. 

BookTuber Shirt Now For Sale!

UPDATE: My shop now offers this same t-shirt for a few bucks cheaper without the back tagline. Hoodies with and without the tagline are also available. *Please keep in mind that I do not collect any commission on these shirts.

     Shirts for sale! Shirts for sale! Get em while they're hot! Heh, who are we kidding? They're always going to be hot ;-) So me, CubicleBlindess, and Pebbles730 decided to design a BookTuber shirt for all of us to wear. It's just for fun. It's not a requirement, if you want to be a BookTuber. We didn't even make it to be available to the public, but it turned out so well that we thought why not!
     The shirt is a classic-cut standard weight men's t-shirt, 100% cotton. So basically it's a one-style-fits-all. The sizes go up to 2x. The front is a play on the YouTube logo, reading BookTuber and the back reads, "Read it. Rate it. Vlog it." The price falls around $14, with another $4 for shipping (I'm rounding here, of course).
     So if you think that you might be interested in purchasing your own BookTuber shirt just CLICK HERE! Or you can watch my T-shirt video where you'll get to see both Krista and Jen model live versions of the shirt. Trust me, if the images you see here don't convince you, the live versions will. I am so pleased with how well they turned out. 
     When your order arrives in the mail, we kindly request that you take pictures or video and send them to us. If you don't want to, you don't have to. Duh. However, it's really cool seeing the shirt out in the wild and in the hands of new people. 

TheBookVlogger becomes LindsayMead, URL change!

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     I will be doing a video about this very soon to further explain all of the changes. However for the time being I wanted to let everyone know that my blogger URL has changed. It was and is now 
     Mostly, this doesn't affect you. The content streaming through this site will still be the same that it's always been. Unfortunately, this does affect how certain links work. For example, this blog may no longer

What's going on with the giveaway?

      Working on the giveaway as often as I can. I'm hoping to have it done really soon. In this vlog, I let you guys see a bit of what I've been working on with it. Plus, you also get some bonus silly Suzie moments. 

September Book Hop

    Yes, it's late. Sorry about that. Thanks so much for everyone's patience with me. I'm going to be posting like crazy to try and get caught back up again. So, get ready for lots of Lindsay!