Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delirium Unboxing - The Book Stall Order Part 1

     My Unboxings are back! I edited 3 yesterday and filmed 5 more last night. It was a lot of fun and I'm surprised at how much I missed doing them.
     It appears that the version of Delirium that I have is now "the old cover", as they have redone it. The new cover is actually very nice, but unfortunately this means that my covers wont match when I buy the sequel :-/ I wish these companies would decide on a cover before they publish, but perhaps that's just too logical. So enjoy the video and the old cover.
    Buy: Delirium: The Special Edition, a.k.a. "the new cover"
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  1. Is it just my website acting funny again or do the book pictures show up as little slivers instead of the full to the writing above the video?

  2. @Krisya@Cubicleblindness-- it could be your browser. Maybe it needs to be updated. I have firefox and all of my images show up and your site shows up just fine for me too. A few weeks back my browser was really struggling to load certain things, so I went to the website and redownloaded it (I didn't uninstall a thing). I think it must have updated it because the browser has run perfectly since then; websites and pictures load almost instantly now.

  3. I seriously think my browser does have several problems indeed! Maybe I should just fix it already. I have firefox but all my bookmarks are set up on internet explorer, guess it's time to switch them over!
    thanks for the info! Oh and the new name! Krisya is kinda pretty :) good name for a character


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