Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goodbye Spoiler Room

     Hello Bookworms, I hope this finds you having a wonderful Christmas.       
     I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I've decided to remove the Spoiler Room from my reviews. This is something that I have thought about doing on many occasions in the past. While I like the opportunity the Spoiler Room provides for us to discuss the book, I don't feel that it is providing as much value to my viewers as I had hoped. I also worry that the long video times are preventing new viewers from watching the review. I know, as a youtuber, that I often check the video time before I hit play-- if it's too long, I'll probably move on. On the other hand, I'm pretty quick to watch videos that run under a few minutes. 
      So, in the hopes of shortening my video length, increasing my viewership, and in addition decreasing my workload, I will be removing the Spoiler Room. I tested this option on my last review, Under The Never Sky, and watched for any reactions. No one, not a one,
mentioned the missing spoiler section. The video passed my previous review, Shatter Me, by about 10 views and seven comments. This could be related to the change in format or just a fluke. It's impossible to say.
     However, since my views and comments didn't decrease and no one complained, I can only assume that this is the right choice for me. I'm not going to say that I'll never use the Spoiler Room. I might if the mood or book stirs me to do so, but it will no longer be a regular feature in my reviews. 
     I just wanted to give everyone that little update. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
Thank you:


  1. Lindsay, I'm stalking you on your blog, youtube, do you have a twitter? I should at least be thorough. :D

  2. Aw, I feel bad! I wish I could keep the Spoiler Room just for you. Thanks for watching my videos and most of all for your support :-)

  3. I have noticed that hauls are what people seem to really want to watch. Unfortunately, I don't accumulate enough books to do hauls very often. I do Unboxings and those get very inconsistent views. My unboxings for The Book Stall order all got over 200 views, but every unboxing after that  barely broke 100. Why? What made those unboxings more clickable than the others? I don't know. My last 3 reviews ranged between 100-130 views. This is why I'm thinking that I need to shorten up my videos. I can't cut out reviews altogether cuz then what do I have? So I think I need to make them more desirable to click on and I can do that with maybe making them extra short. Trial and error. That is the motto of a youtuber.

    The reason the post cut off at "not a one" was because that's where I placed a jump break. A jump break allows you to have a preview of the post on the home page, but you have to click the post to see the full thing. I always try to put the breaks in the middle of a sentence so that it might be more obvious that there was more to the post. Admittedly, I don't think I chose the right sentence. There should also have been a circular pink button that said "continue", which would link you to the full post. I'll go into my settings and change that to something more obvious, like "click to keep reading".

  4. You found my Twitter. I hope the links at the top of this page provided some help :) In my experience stalkers provide the best conversation. So, stalk away ;)

  5. Nooo!!!!! I love the spoiler room, like a lot! I understand your decision though. Thank you for such awesome videos!

  6. That's weird. The original post ended for me at "not a one" but when I clicked on comment, another paragraph appeared! I rarely get views on my review posts either, esp compared to my TAG video's or my bookhauls, book hauls seem to be everybody's favorites. I tend to not even watch review videos unless 1. I have read the book and just curious to check it out or 2. I can trust the person from past experiences to not spoil the book for me. I am such a picky person regarding spoilage of books. I thought the spoiler room was fun, but often had to skip over it unless I had read the book of course. I had so little hits on my reviews that I stopped doing as many and just kept posting to my blog instead, but I'm going to try doing more things with the youtube channel for 2012, but who really knows what people want. I say do what makes you comfortable and have time for, in the end it is your time and your channel so make it a place you enjoy being.


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