The Hobbit Movie Trailer

     Ok, everyone has seen the trailer by now right? I mean, it's been trending world wide on Twitter, so of course you've seen it. No?! Well, damn, quit reading this and watch it! Read my comments below the video when you're done.
     Ok, come on. How awesome was that?! The singing gave me chills.
That dwarf has a really great voice; it just rumbles. I think that scene really made the whole trailer for me.
     I did notice some computer graphics, which I wasn't thrilled with. I mean, of course there is CGI. But we're not suppose to notice it. In the original three, I don't recall too many moments where my eyes were drawn directly to something that immediately registered as CG. It was only a few subtle things in the trailer that caught my eye (and no I wasn't looking for flaws) and screamed fake. Hopefully, when I see the actual movie, I'll be too caught up in the story's awesomeness to see the CG. I have full faith that this movie will live up to the expectations created by the first three. No worries here.
     Oh and I'd like to note that some of those dwarves were unexpectedly attractive. Which is just a little bonus. I think this movie is going to have a lot of unexpected, pleasant moments. 
     In case you didn't know, The Hobbit is being split into two films. Which explains the sub title. I'm actually really glad that it's being split into two. I just can't get enough of this epic fantasy. I've even watched some of the fan made movies. Yes they were bad, but oh so worth it.
     I hope you guys liked the trailer. Now I'm off to go watch it again. I can't wait for the movie!!!!

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