Tiger's Voyage Unboxing

     I realized after uploading this video that we have, in a sense, come full circle. The first video I ever posted on TheBookVlogger was Tiger's Curse-- the first book in the Tiger Saga. Now I am unboxing the very final book in that series. It also just now occurs to me that not only have I unboxed an entire series on TheBookVlogger, but I now own my first complete series of signed books. Wow, this is like a momentous occasion for me. I feel like there should be streamers and a tiny band playing (I say tiny cuz it's not that momentous). I hope I get a chance to do an end of the year video so I can talk about all of the accomplishments that TheBookVlogger has made and thank you all for helping me get where I am. Ok, enough of that. Onto the video!

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