Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     My first Book Vlogger Book Haul! Wooh! Let me know what you guys think of it. I set a record for 'ums' in this, so you'd better at least give me a thumbs up for good editing lol. Would you rather watch Book Hauls like this or would you rather watch unboxings?
Thank you:


  1. I really need to read Heist Socity and Uncommon Criminals, I got them sent for review like in October and yet to do that :( the girl I had contact with the publishers no longer works there so I kind of let those slip through the cracks! I think I'll pick them up by March..Yes I will

  2. I hope it's really good. I can't help having high expectations for it. I don't know when I'll get to it. I haven't really thought about it-- which probably means that I didn't plan on reading it soon :-/ Bummer that your contact no longer works there. It sounds like they might have been a good one, if they got your those two books.


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