Saturday, February 18, 2012

EPIC Book Haul

     A book haul filled with lots of random YA books for you all to enjoy.

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Thank you:


  1. I just bought partials, it's bigger than I thought it would be for some reason but I am so super excited to read this one, I also bought the sea is rising red and Pathfinder so hoping to get to those sooner ratherr than later!

  2.  I'll help you if I can, but your comment seems to cover a lot. Why don't you send me an email? Just click the 'Contact Me' tab above to get it.

  3.  I'm hoping to read Partials this week and I'm also giving it away this next week. Everyone wants me to give it away and I've hardly had it lol. I made a vow to stop buying books a few weeks ago. I asserted that vow again a few days ago. Then I put my down once more yesterday-- but only after buying a signed copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter lol

  4. Want you help with a giveaway. I won 10 books and I want your input in how to get me more traffic to my blog, twitter, etc. :) Skype or email is okay with me. :) Your the bestest!


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