Giveaways Update

     As you know, I'm giving away a book every week until I run out-- if that ever happens and I hope it never does. I LOVE giveaways. If you go to my giveaway page you can see my current giveaway, upcoming giveaways, past giveaways, and my giveaway policy. 
     You can also see all of the prizes that I have set aside just for giveaways. Before I was using the Amazon Carousal widget, which I didn't really care for. It was restrictive, always limiting the number of books that I could display. Also, I'm not a fan of Amazon's business policies and would prefer not to support them when I can avoid it. So I've come up with a new way to display my future prizes.
     I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. The images are larger and I now have every possible prize listed. If you hover over the image, it will give you the title and author. If you click a book, it will open a new tab that will show you its goodreads page.
     I've also added a new feature which, if you follow my twitter feed, you know that it caused me a great deal of headache getting it set up. Believe it or not, the feature is a simple question: What book do you want me to giveaway next? Beneath the question, just above the list of future prizes, is a drop down menu that will allow you to select one of the prizes. Sometimes it's hard for me to decide what book to giveaway next. This will help with that problem. So by all means, check out my Future Prizes and let me know what you want me to giveaway next. Oh and don't forget to get your entries in for my Partials Giveaway!

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