SYNOPSIS: Far into the future, the world is different. The climate changes and North America is a jungle. Thousands of years of evolution make everything stronger, faster, bigger, and deadlier. The Human population dwindles to only a few known tribes. At the bottom of the food chain, their extinction is near.

Sky lives alone with her father and hasn't seen another human in four Rain Seasons. Danger lurks in every shadow, but hunger drives them far from the safety of their nest to hunt. Though life is never certain or secure in the jungle, on this night Sky will have to fight like never before.

WHAT IS THIS FOR? This short story has been entered into a contest for a chance to win a spot in the Defy The Dark Anthology. The contest ends September 1st. The story is based on another book that I am currently working on, and hope to someday (soon) publish. I would greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read the short story and leave their feedback. The contest is not dependent on "likes" or anything of that nature, but it would still mean a lot to me.

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