Fave BookTubers Tag

This tag was created by the ChapterChicks. I want to give a special thanks to them for mentioning me and to all of the great BookTubers out there who continually inspire me.

Fave BookTubers:
ChapterChicks: http://bit.ly/ToFyr9
AngelicaM2009: http://bit.ly/T0h1TX
TheCubicleBlindness: http://bit.ly/RMtmy1
KillerFiend (Eli): http://bit.ly/QOTJSu
Sue Moro: http://bit.ly/RMtuO4
GirlGoneBookish: http://bit.ly/Qb6QMM
Danny Marks: http://bit.ly/Rsg33U
BookRatMisty: http://bit.ly/PkFlVa
BookRockGoddess: http://bit.ly/QQdU4a
K.C. Hilton: http://bit.ly/SOHlzW
BunnyCates: http://bit.ly/Td70CK

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