Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book Haul & Word Counts

Sorry this is going up a lil late in the evening today. The internet went out last night and only just came back up. I hope you guys enjoy the book haul and the word count update at the end. Don't miss the ending bloopers!

My book hauls consist of books that I have purchased, were gifted to me, or sent to me for review. I mostly read Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal, but will read other genres. The ARCs will eventually be given away, so please subscribe to enter those!
List of my Book Hauls:

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The Beast:

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Then she heard it; the thudding of swift moving, heavy paws. She tapped the reins against Charming’s neck. He spun on his heel as Belle drew one of her revolvers... Find out what happens next in THE BEAST: