Change Of Plans: Giveaway Party?!

I've been planning on relaunching my weekly giveaways. I was going to do this weeks ago, but something always kept it from happening. Like my computer breaking. BUT I'm glad I did put it off because I came up with a great idea today on how to relaunch my weekly giveaways in a fun and new way.
     A live show! Sometime tomorrow (Monday 13th), around 2pm or later, I'll host a live show on my channel and giveaway one signed copy of Steven J. Carroll's PRINCE OF EARTH every 15 minutes...or something like that. We'll chat and hangout. During the minutes between giveaways you guys can go to my giveaway page and do a few things in order to gain extra entries. Unlike my usual giveaways, you only have 4 basic ways to get entries. BUT after I announce one winner, I'll refresh the form and you guys can do it all over again until all 10 copies have been given out. I might even give away a few $5 gift cards to B&N. No promises, but I'm thinking about it. 
     Obviously, we'll have to play this all by ear because I have never done this before and I don't know anyone who has. So what do you think? Wanna try it? If so, tell me around what time you want me to do this chat-- keep in mind that my timezone is EST. 2pm? 4pm? 6pm? and so on. Also, if I give away one copy of PRINCE OF EARTH every 10 minutes and a few gift cards, the chat will end up being about 2 hours. So give me your thoughts ASAP! Time's a wastin!

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