Tried Something New

Yesterday I tried something I had never tried before. A live giveaway. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into it. When I first came up with the idea, I was excited. I thought it was wonderful and that everyone would love it. Then I started posting about it the night before and didn't get much of a response, which lead to some nervousness. What if no one came? 
     Interestingly, the outcome was neither. It wasn't a runaway success nor was it a complete failure. We gave away all of the copies and I think everyone had a good time. I also learned a lot that I think will help me in the future.
     I think the biggest thing that I learned was that the live giveaway really should be limited to an hour and a half or less. This one went on longer, which was fine, but I think everyone was wearing down near the end. So unless the turn out is so amazing that we're having a blast, the giveaway should be kept within a set time limit.
     I'm really grateful to Bunny Cates (@BunnyCates) for joining me in the chat. Having her there was a last minute decision, but I'm so glad she was. I think Bunny and I bounce off each other in a way that is entertaining for viewers and just cracks me up. Without her, I'm not sure the chat would have gone so smoothly or been as much fun. 
     Of course, I've gotta thank everyone who came. You guys rock. You truly make YouTube awesome. Without you, it would just be me talking to a camera. lol Truly. If you want to learn more about Prince of Earth by Steven J. Carrol, click here. Make sure you tune in next Monday for the next giveaway. As well as Thursday for a book haul-- Whoot! If you missed today's live chat and you want to catch up on the laughs, here it is:

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