Currently Reading & Just Finished: Inside Out & The Doomsday Vault

Boy, haven't done one of these in a long while. Wasn't this suppose to be weekly or something? lol. Well, I finished a book this morning and started a new one. I'm not posting a giveaway video this week because I worked morning shifts all weekend and, frankly, I'm tired. So I thought I would post about what I'm reading.
     Ok, I just finished THE DOOMSDAY VAULT by Steven Harper. I would certainly recommend this book. I love the steampunk, the action,
and the romance. This easily could have been pushed as a romance novel, but there isn't sex. There is kissing and some heart fluttering moments. It doesn't outweigh the plot or the action. I found it to be a great blend. My only real complaint is that the paragraphs are sometimes long. Long paragraphs often slow the pacing of a novel and are generally filled with stuff that could be cut out. So, some skimming aside, I had fun with this. I plan to read book 2 very soon. In fact, I already bought it :) Make sure you watch for my video review, which will be posted here:

*This book is Recommended. Below are my various ratings. They are hidden for space. ONLY THE 'SPOILERY THOUGHTS' CONTAINS SPOILERS. The other categories are safe to select.
My Spoilery Thoughts:
I loved Gavin. I loved that he could play the violin and that he loved to fly. I also liked that he didn't treat Alice as though she were delicate glass doll. I have no problem with a protective instinct in the male love interest. However, I think today it is taken way too far. A lot of male leads go from protective to controlling and downright degrading. Gavin never had these issues. I feel wholeheartedly that he would protect Alice, but he doesn't stand in her way either. If she says that she can handle something, he doesn't question it. In fact at the end he completely risks his and her life on faith in her mechanical genius. It's not very often that you see a male lead who has that much faith in the female lead. It was refreshing.

I'm totally saddened that Gavin is a clockworker. I'm holding out hope that they find a cure or that he somehow survives. Cuz that would be really depressing. Poor Alice.
Yes/No Checklist:
Sex: No
Gore: Some
Rape: Attempted
Magic: Steampunk and Zombie Plague
Drugs: Alcohol *Not much
Star Categories:
Romance: 4.5 Stars
Action: 4 Stars
Pacing: 4 Stars
Writing: 3.5 Stars *Knock it half a point for the long paragraphs.
Plot: 4 Stars
Overall: 4 Stars
Protagonist Meter:
Both Alice and Gavin can handle themselves. They aren't badasses in hand-to-hand but they aren't "damsels" either.

    After finishing The Doomsday Vault, I picked up INSIDE OUT by Maria V. Snyder. My version is the INSIDE Omnibus (bind-up) version. I highly recommend getting the bind-up, because you get two books for only about $9. Which is a big reason I bought this series in the first place. I loved the cover on the bind-up, heard great things about the author, and it was super cheap. I just reached chapter 3 and I like it so far. The story is moving. I didn't intend to read 3 chapters this morning, but I just couldn't walk away. I had to know what was going to happen next. I really hope the rest of the book is this way.
     So that's what I'm currently reading and just finished. I read 25 books last year and, as of the last book, I'm at 19. According to Goodreads, I'm 6 books ahead of my goal of 30. Unless I hit a massive reading slump, I think I'm going to blow right past my goal.
     For those of you awesome peeps out there who read this whole post, I'd love to know what your reading and just finished. If you've read any of the books I mentioned or are fans of the authors, speak up! Give me your thoughts in the comments below!

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