A Twitter Convo Among Authors - #AuthorWars

#AuthorWars is just a friendly game between writers. We compete on word counts, each one trying to get to the finish line first. We may talk smack, but really we're rooting for each other. These gals are the best, I highly recommend you check them out.
     I gotta say it was so hard to say some of this out loud, as you can see by the bloopers. I don't think I could ever participate in smack talk in real life while keeping a straight face. I guess that means that a career in acting is out of the question. Damn ;P
    Btw, the writing is coming along very well. I plan to reveal the cover for The Beast very soon. I just gotta wait for some things to arrive before I can do it. Unpurchased, which is my #AuthorWars project, is also coming along quickly. I can't wait to share it with you all. Late spring baby!

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