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NO SPOILERS. This is my overall opinion of the FIRELIGHT Series by Sophie Jordan, which I recently completed. If you would like to read my written reviews for more detail, click here:

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Firelight (Firelight, #1)Firelight by Sophie Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my second time reading this book. I read it once as an ARC and loved it. I loved it just as much the second time through, but this time I'm able to jump right into book 2,Vanish. Sophie Jordan has gorgeous writing. Every sentence flows right into the next and I think that's what really keeps me turning the page. Firelight starts off with a lot of action and turns into an emotional roller coaster. I warn you though, the ending will have you screaming. I talk about this book and others on my YouTube channel, here:
My Spoilery Thoughts:
I would say that my biggest complaint about this story is Jacinda's mother and sister, combined with Jacinda's lack of self confidence. Jacinda's mom rips her away from the pride all because they might clip her wings. That is horrifying, but isn't Jacinda's mom doing the same thing to her daughter by taking her to a desert? In fact, isn't her mother worse because she wishes to kill Jacinda's Draki completely. Jacinda is constantly being told that she's selfish and she even berates herself with this. However, I believe that it is in fact her mother and sister who are selfish. They didn't leave for Jacinda, they left because they were unhappy with the pride. They just leaped at the first excuse that came along. All I wanted during this book was for Jacinda to finally take care of herself. Stand up for yourself! Stand up to your family! Don't let them destroy you! I kept hoping that at some point she would do this and then leave them-- go find people who will love and respect her or at least someplace where she can be free.

I hope Jacinda will at some point actually breathe fire. Steams cool and all, but I wanna see her charbroil someone. Just sayin.

On a different note, I pictured Zach Efron as Will. Don't know why, but it was awesome. Especially the beginning scene with him in the water and entering the cave. Yum.

Recommended & Best of The Best

Yes/No Checklist
Sex: No *A few hot kisses
Gore: No
Rape: No
Magic: Yes *Dragon & dragon magic
Drugs: No

Star Categories
Romance: 5 Stars
Action: 4 Stars *Coulda used some more.
Pacing: 4 Stars
Writing: 5 Stars
Plot: 5 Stars
Overall: 5 Stars

Protagonist Meter
Yeah, I'm gunna rank her a bit low. She pretty much gets her ass handed to her any time she could have been awesome. Hopefully that will change.

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