Monday, March 24, 2014

'The Beast' Update: Help Needed

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Beta readers, reviewers, and supporters needed! THE BEAST is coming along fast and I'm gunna need people to help me finalize it as well as help spread the word. If you think you can help in any way, please contact me!!

This Thursday I'm posting the cover reveal. It's extremely exciting. I really wish I didn't have to wait till then lol. But this week will give me some time to find people who want to participate. If you have a blog or a channel and think you might want to reveal the cover on Thursday, just give me a shout. Otherwise, I'll see you all on Thursday!

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  1. How excited are you to take the soon to be off the YA Author? Haha my co-blogger on my second blog is very excited to help promote you book as well!

  2. Ya know, I think you're officially my favorite subscriber. You commented on my blog and no one comments on my blog! lol.

    Wow, I totally forgot that I'll get to take the "soon-to-be" off my tagline and intro. That's gunna be sooo weird! But mostly awesome :D

  3. Haha Feeling accomplished! Did you finish writing any of the other books coming out after The Beast?

  4. The Jungle Cure is about 1/3 written and Unpurchased is at about the halfway point. I plan on going right into them after The Beast releases. It's a big year!! :D


Then she heard it; the thudding of swift moving, heavy paws. She tapped the reins against Charming’s neck. He spun on his heel as Belle drew one of her revolvers... Find out what happens next in THE BEAST: