The Woes Of Editing And Today's Video: Behind The Scenes

Today's video is the Behind The Scenes for my cover reveal. The whole process was just insane. But I think it was worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I've heard only great things about the cover. So, thanks everyone! The video is below.

The book itself is moving at a steady pace. Editing is always hard. Writing is by far the fun part, but it's also the easiest. The problem I'm finding right now is that I'm no longer a reader. I'm an editor looking for mistakes and ways to make it better. My eyes have turned into unfeeling cameras, always looking for the problem. When I have to put myself in the moment to rewrite something, I can get right into the character's skin without a hitch. I just can't go back and read it all, and see it, as a true reader would.

This leaves me with a lot of doubt. Excuse my language, but insecurity is a bitch. It curls up in your stomach like an achy mass and spreads its tentacles through your body. Ugh.

How do I know if it's good? What if I bust my butt to get it ready for publication and all of my beta readers come back with horrible reviews? I simply have no way of knowing. All it takes is one person to say they don't like it and the doubt monster starts squirming.

So, yeah, there's really nowhere to go from there. I don't have some happy solution to make it all better. At this moment, I'm standing on a shaky bridge and hoping that I can make it across.

Alright, that's enough metaphors for one blog post. I hope you guys watch and enjoy today's video. It's much lighter than this post was lol. Links for THE BEAST are below. Talk soon!!!

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