Thoughts Of Quitting YouTube

I've been making videos since 2007. It has been an up and down journey ever since. I can honestly say that I am not where I thought or wanted to be at this point. Then again, I can say that about a lot of things in my life.

Whenever people tell me that they're thinking about starting a channel and they want some advice, I always tell them that they've gotta make sure they're filming about something they love. Ya gotta love it and wanna do it, even when the views aren't there-- and a lot of the time, the views won't be. If you don't care for what you're talking about or are only lukewarm about it, then you won't last without the views. No one will be watching and you'll just stop. So, you gotta love it.

The hard part is finding something you love like that. Hell, I'm still trying to figure it out and I'm starting to think that I can't do just one thing. I love books, but only doing book videos doesn't work for me. I'm burnt out! I'm out of ideas! I've also done spiritual videos and dog videos and tried all sorts of stuff.

I'm starting to think that the only way for me to survive without the views on youtube is to post videos about all different aspects of me. Not just books, not just writing, not just spiritual stuff! A little of all of that, plus some singing and maybe some ranting.

Then there's the big question: If I post about all sorts of things, then what will be the draw to my channel? The answer to that is easy-- me. The host should be the draw and for most successful channels, it is. But really, would "me" ever be enough? I suppose that's exactly what I'm gunna find out this year.

Holy crap, that's scary.

So in today's video I talk about my views and my subscribers. And how low both have been. More importantly, I talk about how this lead me to think that maybe it's time that I quit YouTube.

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