On Making Goal

This was my second attempt at crowdfunding a book. My first attempt had been for a fantasy novel, EXAULTA, and the goal had been set way too high. On that campaign, I'd managed to raise a healthy $500, but it was still only a drop in what I'd asked for. Being that it was on Kickstarter, I didn't get any of it.

So when it came time to fund THE BEAST, I dropped my goal. I asked for the bare minimum and added an unofficial "stretch goal". I also didn't put all of my hopes on it. I didn't want to be let down like before.

As you can see, by the photo in this post, I was not let down. Not even by a little. But let me not get too far ahead of myself.

THE BEAST's campaign started off with a soft bang. Right up front I received 6 contributions totalling $180.  At least 3 of these funders had contributed to my Exaulta campaign.

Then there was a whole lot of nothing for awhile. Entire weeks went by where the campaign went unnoticed. From what I've read, that's normal. Then about 2 weeks before the end of the campaign, a trickle started. A donation here. A donation there. Just enough to give me hope.

I'd imagined what it would be like hitting goal. I saw myself smiling, jumping up and down, showing my excitement in a vlog, and blasting it all over the internet. That's not what happened though.

In the last few days of my campaign, I got sick. I had planned on sending out loads of emails, reminding people to contribute. Instead I was bedridden. Worst cold I'd had in years.

While I was in bed with a cold pack on my head, surrounded by a field of tissues, a flood had started-- and I'm not referring to the flood coming from my nose. Contributions were hitting my campaign left and right. I'd made goal and didn't even know it.

When I finally did realize that I'd made goal, I was too sick to even react. But the contributions kept coming and soon I'd made my stretch goal. Which I am super thrilled about because I'd basically given up hope on getting the funding for the book trailer.

Thanks to all of my supporters (friends, family, and subscribers) for making this happen. Even when I couldn't pull out all of the stops to motivate people, you all still came through for me.

To show my thanks, every contributor will get their name in the acknowledgements and I'll send them one of my custom postcards when the book releases. If you want to get in on this awesomeness, there's still time. About 8 hours left to get those last minute contributions in!

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