It Is Done.

On January 1st, 2015, at 10:30pm--I did it. I did something that many set out to do, but few actually complete. I myself was one of those many for a long time. I was always the "aspiring author", or just "the one writing a book". Now, I've written a book. In a matter of months, weeks, or even days, I will be an author. There is no "aspiring" about it.

As we speak, the book is in the hands of some highly intelligent literary friends of mine. One is reading the final pages as I type these words. Their goal is to check the story. They're watching for continuity errors, places where things might be lacking, themes that perhaps might not have been fully realized, and the like.

Assuming I don't have to do any major rewrites, I should be diving into heavy edits in about a week's time. My intention is to barrel through. Get it done and get it done fast. I want it in your hands so bad, it might start to cause me pain lol.

To my INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS, thank you for your patience and your unwavering faith. You. All. Rock. As I draw nearer to publication, you guys will receive more updates. You'll get updates when the t-shirts are made, when the book trailer is done, and when any little thing worth noting comes along.

Also, to EVERYONE READING THIS, Barnes and Noble has opened a print division. This print division does not sell to the public. However, they allow me to order hardcovers of my book. I order from them, they ship to me, and I sign and mail to you. At some point I would like to set up pre-orders for signed hardcovers. For those who have already pre-ordered signed paperbacks through my campaign and would like to upgrade to hardcover, I'm gunna see about making that possible too.

So The Beast is coming and coming soon. Are you excited? Cuz I am. I don't intend for The Beauty to be far behind (Already at a 23k word count) either. To stay completely up-to-date on everything, I mean more up-to-date than anyone else--subscribe to my daily vlog on YouTube. My subscribers are the first to see and hear everything.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a good New Year. Now get ready cuz it's time to kick some 2015 butt!

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