2 WEEK NOTICE! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! SEE THE CAMPAIGN: https://igg.me/at/thebeauty/x

Let's go beyond the fairy tale. The Beauty will take readers to new locations and introduce them to exciting new characters. More importantly, bonds will be tested when secrets are finally revealed. If you loved book one, The Beast, you will absolutely adore this next installment. If you're new to The Hunter Legends, then jump in and prepare yourself for freezing weather, bloodthirsty hellhounds, steampunk inventions, and a heart-thumping romance for the ages.

I am so proud of my readers and subscribers for getting this campaign to where it is. Though we HAVE NOT reached goal, the campaign has raised enough to at least cover the cost of the digital cover. Most of my readers use an e-reader, so if I can raise at least enough to pay for the e-book (Just shy of $600 is needed), then I can get the book out there on Kindle and Nook. A few months down the road, after I've earned some royalties from the digital book, I can then have the paperback made. This is not ideal. Of course, I'd want to release it all at once. But this might be the way I have to go, if the funding doesn't come in. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Please take some time to look at the campaign. Contribute to get the paperback signed or to get other awesome goodies. If you can't contribute, a share can really make a difference. Send the link to anyone you think might enjoy this series. 

Don't forget the FREE chapters! You can read the first 2 chapters of book one and two by sharing the campaign. I think you'll really love them, and hopefully they'll leave you wanting more :D

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