Pre-order THE BEAUTY & Help Get It Published!

Good news! The Beauty is almost here! I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting its release. That's nearly about to happen! Aggghhhh, I'm so excited!! Who's ready to pre-order?

I've officially launched the indiegogo campaign to help me cover all of the costs needed to publish a book. I want The Beauty to be as nicely put together as The Beast was, so I'm sparing no expense--at least that's the plan. It really depends on if I get the finding or not.

As there always is with crowdfunding campaigns, there are great perks to be had. You can get the book signed in paperback or you can get an early ebook copy before anyone else. Most of the perks are variations of that. However, there's one that I would like to put a spotlight on. I'm calling it...the Fanatic Fan Perk...Or Pack...I change my mind on that all the time.
This perk was originally developed for those people who had bought the entire series in my first campaign. Of course I want them to have a reason to come around, I like these people ;P However, after I came up with the idea, I decided to include an add-on option. That's when I realized what a great deal this was. You get the t-shirt, the book bag, the early chapter from book 3, thirty minutes of one-on-one time with me, AND you can add-on The Beast and/or The Beauty for only $10 each. That's freakin half off! It's a good deal. While there are many other perks to look at, I think this one is worthy of everyone's consideration.

I'd also like to point out that there are lots of chapters available to read on the campaign. There are 2 chapters from The Beast (book 1) and 2 chapters from The Beauty (book 2) available. All you have to do is share the campaign on either facebook or twitter and you'll be granted access. I really hope you guys enjoy them and I absolutely hope they convince you to contribute.


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