If My Book Doesn't Get Funded

Last week I posted a reminder that my campaign to publish The Beauty was ending in 2 weeks (1 week now!). In that same post I talked about what my options are if I don't reach my needed goal. Somehow that resulted in confusion. So I sat down and tried to better explain it in a video. Posted below.

This video also marks my return to my author channel and sorta BookTube. I'll be posting every Monday about one topic or another. My hope is to keep the videos short and casual. I just want to have fun with it. Please subscribe!

Author YT Channel: youtube.com/AuthorLindsayMead
My Vlog YT Channel: youtube.com/LindsayMeadDailyVlog

If you want to help me publish The Beauty, then click here and check out the campaign. All contributions of any size are helpful. So is sharing! Let your friends know about the series and if you run a blog or YouTube channel, I'd appreciate a post and would be happy to answer questions or anything you think your readers/viewers might enjoy. Let's go out with a bang!

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