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Cover Reveal: The Beauty

Are you all ready for this very long overdue cover reveal? Me too. I also have a synopsis to share! Keep scrolling to see both.

Tune into my livestream later today at 5pm EST so we can discuss the new cover and what I'm working on for NaNoWriMo.

If anyone reading this has a blog and would like to share the new cover on their blog, please do! And make sure you let me know, so I can link to your blog in the description of the reveal video.

Have you read the first book?

The Beauty's description:

Can love thrive in a kingdom of secrets?

Rumors of King Aleksander abound, sowing seeds of fear and doubt among the populace. Worse, there’s only so much Belle can do to repair the damage caused by the former Bishop’s fear-mongering. With challenges and new enemies threatening, the couple will have to prove the strength of their love.

Of course, a cure for the king and his cursed people could solve everything. It may be as simple as reaching out to the right scientists, or maybe it’s all beyond the ingenuity of man. Tensions mount as old foes refuse to stay dead and unexpected revelations leave the future uncertain. But ultimately, it’s the half-truths that could lead to heartbreak.

The Beauty is the second book in The Hunter Legends, a re-imagining of the infamous love between a beauty and a beast.

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