Beat That Sentence Challenge *Bookcase Edition*

A few years back I gave myself a challenge to form a sentence using book titles. It was loads of fun and lots of people joined in. I've decided to bring it back with an added twist.

Instead of forming a sentence, the goal is to tell a story using all of the books on a single bookshelf. I intend to do a video for every bookshelf in the hopes of telling a full story. It won't be easy, but it will be fun.

If you would like to do this as well, the rules are simple.

  1. One point per book title.
  2. Must be physical books, no ebooks.
  3. Use your shelves as is. Not being able to add and remove books is part of the challenge!
  4. Post your bookshelf story in your video's description or on your blog.
  5. Please link back to my video. It's not required, but credit is much appreciated :)

Watch my Beat That Sentence Challenge *Bookcase Edition* on YouTube

My Bookshelf Story:
Punished with the TIGER'S CURSE, the CLOCKWORK ANGEL was told she must leave the CITY OF GLASS and begin the TIGER'S QUEST. First she met ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER, during the DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT. He told her that she must find two companions MATCHED in both strength and intelligence. So, she traveled ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, searching the CITY OF BONES and the CITY OF ASHES until she found the DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, who was known as THE BEAUTY for her fierce intelligence. Hearing the FIRST RIDER'S CALL, the duo was led to the CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS where they were joined by the GREEN RIDER, who was known as THE BEAST for her strength. But when they finally entered the HIGH KING'S TOMB, they realized that to finish the TIGER'S VOYAGE, a sacrifice would have to be made. Accepting this, the Angel CROSSED through the BLACKVEIL, and thus began THE BANE CHRONICLES.
TOTAL: 21 books

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