A Hunter should not love a beast.

Belle LeClair, Hunter of hellhounds, is hopelessly in love with a cursed king; a man who can take the shape of a great wolf known as the Moon-Hound. Yet, how can a love between Hunter and beast last? Especially when facing distrustful townsfolk, suicidal religious fanatics, a power-hungry lord, otherworldly beings aplenty, and—a god?

With blood gleaming on her blade, Belle must face old foes and new— even rescue Paris from a giant ice dragon —if she dares hope for a future with a king that she so desperately wants. But, ultimately, it’s not the frost seeping into Belle’s skin that will undo her. It’s the half-truths.

THE BEAUTY is the second book in The Hunter Legends, a re-imagining of the infamous love between a beauty and a beast.

Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure Romance
A Beauty And The Beast Retelling

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