The #YTBookClub formerly would discuss one book per month during a live chat. It was hosted by me, BunnyCates, and BookYAReview
     These live chats were split into three portions: Spoiler-Free, Spoiler Section, and the After Party which usually happened after the first hour. 
      Since it is only possible to stream these chats through one YouTube Channel at a time, the hosting position rotated between the three of us. 
       It was recommended that if you did not wish to miss a live chat, you should subscribe to all three members.
        Will we ever return? Honestly, I hope so. There was a lot of things that I loved about the #YTBookClub, particularly the people. We may not ever be monthly again, but perhaps we'll have a few reunion chats throughout the year.

Host: BookYAReview
Host: Bunny Cates
Host: Lindsay Mead

Previous Live Chats:   


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