Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Rise in Commercials for Books

Blue TV of Awesomeness
     Over the last year I have noticed, not only an increase in book readers, but an increase in advertisements for books. My first "wow" moment came around 11pm just as I pulled into my driveway after work. Over the radio came an intense commercial for a James Patterson's book (I Alex Cross, I think it was). I thought, "Wow, a radio commercial for a book! So cool and he is so lucky." I told my bookworm cousin about it and she told me about seeing a commercial for the same book on TV. Again, I was wowed. 
            Back then I thought that the commercials were only a result of James Patterson's star power, but as of late I've notice a rise in the number of book trailers being launched on youtube and the quality is at times cinema worthy. Now today I saw two, count em TWO, commercials advertising books. Yes, one was for Mr. Patterson's YA Book and the commercial is pretty amazing, but the other was for three relatively new authors. 
        Two in one day I'm sure has something to do with the fast approaching gift giving holiday, but I think it is also a testament to the growing popularity of books-- particularly among young people. These days if you want to advertise a book, you can't just simply stick it on a book shelf and expect it to sell like hotcakes. Oh no, not with the large number of books out there also hoping to get noticed. 
        Nope, you have to look at who's reading. Readers are spending less time in bookstores and more time online or watching TV. Many times I've seen an author sitting at a signing table trying to draw over customers, as if the author is some sort of street vendor. First, I feel bad for the person and then I think, "They'd probably sell more books if they tweeted about it or promoted a website." Basically, advertise online! 
        Now, it appears that publishers are thinking the same thing. Frankly, I'm excited about it. I love having an easier connection to authors via the web and it's awesome seeing book trailers/commercials. These trailers and commercials have also helped to expose me to books that I might not have otherwise picked up at a bookstore. A well made trailer for a book works just as well as a trailer for a movie. 
        So check out some of the commercials (not trailers) below and tell me what you think of these new media outlets for books. Have you seen any new commercials? Did they make you want to read the book? Until next time, happy reading!  

Breathless Reads TV commercial  This is the first ad I saw today. The one featuring three new authors.

The Gift TV commercial The second ad I saw today for James Patterson's YA book.

Last Sacrifice TV commercial This one is labeled a commercial, but I personally did not see it on TV.

Hilarious James Patterson I ALEX CROSS book TV commercial This is the one my cousin told me about.
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  1. LOL I loved the Alex Cross commercial!! How crazy is this! Commercials for books... it is a digital age and this is how we will get people to read again! Hopefully on their Nook!! ;)

  2. I agree, the Alex Cross commercial was really funny. It truly is a digital age and becoming more so. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. The commercial left a bad impression with me. I watched it and couldn't help but thing "wow, no one must be reading this book if they're advertising it so heavily."

  4. aichou- Which commercial are you referring too? All of the commercials I have posted are for different books, so I'm not sure which one your talking about.


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