Why you should be subscribed to TheBookVlogger & Phallic Subliminal Messaging

Close up of phallic symbol

         Are you subscribed to TheBookVlogger? In this video I show you what you've been missing by not being subscribed to me. I also discuss subliminal messaging involving phallic images. lol Seriously.
          This video is posted on my personal channel (LindsayLou04), where I don't post as much but I'm a little more relaxed and silly.
       Ok, so there seems to be some trouble with people seeing the phallic shape in the armor, which probably just means I have a far more dirty
mind than most of you. So, I'm going to point it out further. To the top left you'll see the solder's left (our right) shoulder. In that armor you'll see the phallic shape that reminds me distinctly of the artwork once used in ancient Pompeii to direct people to the brothel-- but that's another matter. Still don't see it?
       Here is the same picture with the image highlighted. Come on, that has to make you think of the same thing. At least you have to see it too lol. No? Ok, try this then.
       There is no way that you don't see it now. If you don't, then either I'm too far gone for saving or you're too sheltered to be watching my videos. Glad you are though ;D

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