3,000 Words for 3 Books, Every Day

      So, I'm a writer. You know that. 

      The hardest part about being a writer.....is the writing part. I know, ironic. Or maybe that's not true, editing sucks pretty bad too. Ok, those two are pretty close, but I'm here to talk about writing. 
     Coming up with ideas is easy. Just take a look at my 'My Books' page; I've got ideas coming out the wazoo. Even when I tell myself that I wont be coming up with any more book ideas, BAM! a new one hits me and it's just too tantalizing to walk away from.
      Heck, it's not even the writing part that's hard. It's the sitting down and starting to write part that's hard. If you look at the top of this blog,
you'll see under my name "Expert Procrastinator". I'm not being cute there. I'm being honest.
      There are a million things that always need to be done. I need to go to work, I need to make a video, I need to catch up on some reading, I need to workout, I need to reply to emails, I need to...and so on. 
      Now there are a million reasons why I've taken so long to write Exaulta and some day I'll go into more detail about that. But for now, my problem is procrastination. I allow myself to be distracted by way too many things (even this blog post) and it's slowing me down. 
     So, going along with my New Year's resolution to start making changes in my life, I've decided to start writing a set amount every single day. I'm also being spurred on by the awesome Trisha Wolfe who said, "Girl, just get that work done and send it! There's nothing to it, just keep the books coming, that's the big thing."
      That's exactly what I intend to do. To help me keep in line with that, and to let you follow along, I've updated my progress bars, which you'll see on the right. You'll see that I have three works in progress. The top being the most important. The third title is currently untitled and doesn't have a page yet. I'll let you know when it does. I've put The Vengeance of Verona on hold till after Exaulta is done, since it's entirely dependent on that book anyway. 
      My goal is as the title states-- 3,000 words for 3 books, every day. That shouldn't be too bad. I hope. You can see that two of the bars are at zero, but I will update them often and hopefully tomorrow-- at the latest. 
      I encourage you all to follow my progress and feel free to kick me in the butt if the bars don't move for a few days. Sometimes, that's just what I need. 
      Thanks for stopping by my blog guys. Make sure you click the below banner, if you haven't entered my giveaway yet. I appreciate all of the support and encouragement you guys give me. Happy Reading!

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