Cover Love, Redesign, & Updates

Former Blog Template
     Let's start with the obvious shall we? I redesigned my blog! Woohoo! I love blog redesigns. It's always fun to look at new and shiny things. Personally, I love working on my blog. Any excuse I get I'll be on here making new images or editing HTML. No, I'm not an expert at it but I do love to learn more. 
One Of My First Ever Templates
     This blog redesign was fun and then not fun and then fun again lol. I gotta be honest. It also went through many many stages. My original background looks nothing like what you see here. I have been working on this redesign for sometime. If you follow my Twitter you may have seen tweets linking to the fake blog that I set up to test backgrounds.
      The reason I decided to redesign is basically the same reason I redesigned the last time, I wanted something more compatible with the books that I plan to publish. While I loved the fantasy feel of my former template, it wasn't easily customized. When I get my first real book cover I want to be able to feature it on my blog in some way. So I've been working on a blog that just might do that for me. Here it is and I think I'm pretty happy with it. What do you think? Don't be surprised if it changes again though. At the very least, expect tweaks-- always expect tweaks :-)

Mini Update

     Ok, Lets get this update out of the way. You may of noticed that I haven't been posting as much on my YouTube channel. That's basically because I've been writing. My kickstarter campaign has stalled out at $518 and I don't expect to get my funding. That's ok, but I still need to write. Since I hadn't planned on starting up my giveaways again until after May 5th, I'm taking this chance to focus on writing. I've mostly been working on a stand alone novel that isn't yet titled. You can find a link to it by clicking my "My Books" tab above. Don't worry Exaulta Fans, I'll turn my attention back to Exaulta very soon. 

Cover Love

      Ok, now onto the really fun stuff! I read ENCLAVE by Ann Aguirre last year and just loved it! It's easily one of my favorite books. At least number one or two. Which, of course, makes it a Cutie's Pick. All this time I have been dieing to read the sequel, OUTPOST. I can't believe they're making us wait so long to see
what happens. Well, finally, the cover has been revealed. I normally don't get too geeked about covers, but I am soooo geeked about this one. It fits perfectly with the ending of book one and they're sticking with the theme from the first cover. Thank god! I'm so tired of publishers not sticking with their own themes. These two books are going to look great next to each other on the shelf. And I saw the title for the third book. HORDE. Come on, that's awesome. I'm dieing for book three and we only have a title! Ok, enough gushing! If you haven't read ENCLAVE, you need to. If you like action and bad ass females, read it. If you think there is no one tougher than Katniss or Tris, read it. Just read it. And now...the cover!
Isn't it great!?

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